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Why Choose us?

Each time you stay in our facilities not only do you enjoy being in contact with nature they also
contribute to your conservation because we are a private conservation area that keeps your
areas intangible to preserve the habitat of the species that live there.

Our Mision

To conserve endangered species of flora and fauna and threatened ecosystems through the protection of biological diversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, in an environment of participation and mutual compromise between authorities and communities on a local, national and regional level.

Our Vision

ECOAN is an organization which is solid, stable, self-sustaining in its internal functions; recognized at a local, national and international level as a leading institution; serious, responsible and reliable in fulfilling its mission.

We are an institution that for more than 15 years we have been promoting ecotourism for the care and conservation of the environment through the creation of areas of private conservation and awareness of the inhabitants, involving nearby communities, according to the company’s policies, staff from nearby communities are recruited mostly to train them in the performance of customer service and birdwatching by providing them with the opportunity to achieve sustainable development at Their communities.




Owlet Lodge


walter cosio administrator of owlet lodge

Since the 2012 is the administrator of the two Lodge and the private conservation areas where they are located, biologist specializing in entomology. Working for conservation with local communities and authorities.

Santos Montenegro administrator of Huembo Lodge

From farmer to bird expert is the story of Santos, who started when he was given some old binoculars and a bird book, he learned much more with the trainings of ECOAN and is currently the coordinator of Huembo Lodge.

Gleny Vera Melendez marketing ECOAN 2017
Reserve and Marketing

Degree in administration, is responsible for the promotion and marketing of ecotourism hostels. Offering packages, routes, lodging and food to all those interested in visiting the natural reserves in Perú.

Roberto Bazan
Local Guide

He works as a Local guide and ranger, working for Owlet Lodge 12 years, he belongs and lives in one of the nearby communities and thanks to the trainings of ECOAN is considered the best guide in the area.


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