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The Long-whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi) was rediscovered after 35 years of being presumed extinct. One of the smallest owls in the world, it can be easily found in the Abra Patricia-Alto Nieva zone. This owl is the size of a clenched fist and can barely be seen with the naked eye, since it camouflages with its branches and moss habitat. In order to observe it we use a technique known as play-back and depend on our experienced guides to help us observe the owls briefly with a focused flashlight.



Rooms of owlet lodge


We have three comfortable cabins each has a small lobby, spacious rooms with wood finishes and windows to observe the scenery. We have a capacity for 18 tourists and 8 people of staff. The accommodation includes full power.

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Infra estructure of owlet lodge


Our facilities have more than three thousand hectares of natural protected areas, a tower of more than twelve meters in height, a restaurant and reading room. We are surrounded by hummingbird drinkers and mammal feeders, with five walking trails.



Trails of birds observations in owlet lodge


We have four trails of more than one kilometer each well signposted, where you can see closely and in its natural habitat variety of birds, mammals, and other endemic species. Living in harmony with nature.

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The private conservation area of Abra Patricia-Alto Nieva is located in the eastern slope of the Andes of the northeastern region of the country, located politically in the Amazon region, Yambrasbamba Province, Bongara district Abra Patricia Sector-Alta Nieva Between coordinates 18 L: 189531; UTM: 9370347. 

It is part of the buffer zone of the high may protection; It has as access route to the highway Fernando Belaunde Terry, to three hours of the city of Moyobamba and to 5 hours of the airport of Tarapoto. It extends over a surface 1,415.74 ha. For the year 2016 it has 3, 140 ha.


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